Friday, January 11, 2013

My Idiosyncratic LSD Rules

These are going to be very short because this is well-covered ground. If you are seriously considering trying acid for the first time, you should read more.  There are books out there such as this or ample information on the web such this.

There are things you don't have to worry about at all:  LSD is not addictive and there has been no death by overdose.  If you take one hit or 500 hits, the experience will still last about 8-12 hours, with the period of strong effects tending to be from the 1st-5th hours.

Am I advocating breaking the law and actually finding and using an illegal drug?  Absolutely!  But it should be done with care.  A few guidelines (among others that you will find above) that I think you should follow:

  1. I do not recommend LSD if you hate yourself or know yourself to be prone to depression or schizoid behavior.  Nor would I recommend it to anyone who believes in a wrathful God or for anyone who is a misanthrope or who thinks taking mind-altering drugs is inherently wrong. Basically, I am recommending to happy people who love music, and who will make the effort to experience it in a safe and controlled manner.
  2. For your first trip or trips, have a trusted friend nearby who is very familiar with the drug just in case you have a problem, or to help you implement your “calming plan” (see 4).
  3. If you would like to try it, but have fear, then just do a quarter of a hit at first.  Then, if you are saying to yourself, as you probably will, “is that all there is?” then try a half a hit next time. Once you get a sense of what the drug does and does not do, you will be ready for the full experience.
  4. If during the trip, something is making you unhappy or fearful, then change what you are doing. Have a plan for bad moments.  Some people never have them, others do. Think ahead of time what makes you feel happy and have it ready.  I tend to put on Ella if I ever get agitated, which I sometimes do.  Within a minute into a song, I barely remember what was upsetting me seconds ago.
  5. Don't answer the phone, check the internet or engage in any way with the world.  Have no obligations.  I have learned this from bad experiences.  For instance, one day when I was in about the sixth hour of the trip, which feels close to normal, I made the mistake of answering the phone.  My boss was calling to tell me the news that our Chancellor had killed herself, and I became unhinged. For many days, actually.  Emotions are very powerful and close to the surface during a trip, so keeping yourself isolated from the world is a good strategy.  Oh, and never give up a litter of puppies on the day of a trip.  Really bad idea.
The main point: if you love opera and classical music, and you are a secure, happy person—you SHOULD try acid.  I promise it will be far beyond the best  “performance” you have seen in your life.

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  1. Ah, that explains a lot for me about your love of opera. And mine for Broadway music. The only time I made the mistake of answering the phone, what I heard was, "Hi Kevin, this is your mother."

    1. Wow, I never saw this comment before. We will have to talk about this!